RLI Develops Future Leaders of Rotary!

Read what the graduates of the Rotary Leadership Institute on September 23-24 in Coos Bay said about their experience.
Chris Waugh

Chris Waugh

District Governor Nominee and Owner of Leader Support Service, providing business consulting and leadership development.

Read what the graduates of the Rotary Leadership Institute on September 23-24 in Coos Bay said about their experience:

  • I would recommend everyone attend this – new members, those who have been here 20 years…those interested in Rotary leadership.” Amber
  • “RLI is a great opportunity to learn and grow one’s knowledge of Rotary. Presenters were great.” Gary
  • Making Rotary relevant to us all is key in order to increase membership.” Wendy
  • I appreciated the pace of delivery – I didn’t feel on overload.” Peggy
  • I loved the table set-up with other clubs to learn what others do.” Charlotte
  • I knew this would be good, but I  wasn’t expecting the program to be this good.” Nikki
  • …your dedication, expertise, and commitment to fostering leadership skills among Rotary members have made a lasting impact on me.” Sylvia
  • …loaded with new partnerships and opportunities to bring forward in my Rotary walk.” Karen
  • Informative Rotary learning activities given by world-class presenters.” Larry
  • I’m so grateful to be a part of this RLI.” Sharon
  • …making new connections, stepping out of my box, and helping in my community.” Angie
  • I feel that just by being in RLI I have grown as a Rotarian.” Rodney
  • My biggest takeaway was to use my voice, get out of my comfort zone, and share ideas.” Nicole
  • It was a great experience! Thank you for the positive energy.” Vesna Grace
  • I am coming away from this experience feeling inspired and informed.” Sharon
  • It was a good investment of time.” Linda
  • I learned about some of the work Governors and the District are doing to support local clubs.” Emma
  • …you presented a good RLI program, the breaks were good, the topics stayed on course and the presenters demonstrated the content well.” Bruce
  • …it is critical to get this type of training/information sharing out to a much broader share of the membership.” Tim
  • I will go home with better communication and contribution skills.” Donna
  • Material was relevant, interesting, and useful.” Breann

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  1. Excellent format and a great experience for any Rotary club leader! Great presenters and the interaction with other clubs was amazing!

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