Rotaractor’s Power Business

You have to meet this team. These are the next generation Rotarians building your future, starting with the Rotary District 5110 Business Directory ( The business directory is here to not only help you find Rotarians to work with, but also build a stronger future for the district. These Rotaractors are part of that future so it’s only right that they are on the team that is building the directory. It’s their opportunity to get to know you and your business and your opportunity to share your experience and learn from them. To build the connections that only Rotary can offer. Meet Your Team:

Obaid Ur Rehman is a former Rotaractor who joined the eClub State of Jefferson. He is very skilled in web design and internet marketing and is committed to “bringing together Rotary and Rotaract, where passion meets experience and emotions meet wisdom, to develop a stronger more effective partnerships within Rotary for maximum impact and optimal results in the communities we serve.”

Teal Hamner is with the Rotaract Club of Southern Oregon University and is studying business. He is an active member of Rotaract and the winner of last years 4-Way Speech Contest. “My goal in Rotaract is to promote the principles of Rotary and inspire other community-minded members of my generation to become involved in Rotary.”

Carol Ann Crum is with the Rotaract Club of the University of Oregon. Carol is a recent graduate from UO with a degree in planning, public policy and management. She is working at Looking Glass, a nonprofit supporting homeless youth in Eugene.

Sydney Katz is also with the Rotaract Club of the University of Oregon. She grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and is a senior environmental science major. Sydney joined Rotaract at the beginning of her sophomore year (Community Service Chair since last year) “I’ve loved being able to do community service with friends these past two years.”

We hope that when they call or contact you that you can take a few minutes and get to know them. What better way to build a relationship than to work together on your listing. It becomes common ground, a focus for a time; giving them a chance to learn about your business and for you both to share experiences. They
mentoring you and you mentoring them, what a great opportunity. We can all learn from each other.

This phase of the project ends on June 25, Rotary year end. So if you want one of our star Rotaractors to contact you and add your business to the directory contact us at [email protected]. The listing and upgrade to Bronze is absolutely free. They will also enhance your listing so it gets higher placement in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Hope you get a chance to chat with the team. We are all fond of saying “they are the future of Rotary.” Truth is they are here right now, working alongside you and I to build a stronger future.