Service Above Self – Terri Homer

A podcast by Emily Francona

“One of the most dramatic places I think that I went to a several times on trips was Cusco Peru. We were very high up in the Andes. It took a while for me to get adjusted every time we went, I would get out of breath just climbing a few steps, actually. But burns were a particular problem in that population because the indigenous folks who lived in the mountains were using open fires. And so there were a lot of burns and very little access to treatment.”

Terri Homer is a professional anesthesiologist who has freely shared her skills all over the world. This is her story.

“Emily … Your SAS recipient Terri Homer podcast is OUTSTANDING, and for my $0.02 is one of the most inspirational of all we’ve done to date. Terri is truly inspirational and has a story well worth sharing! It’s a story I didn’t know. These SAS pieces are great”

Bill Grile

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