Celebration Website & Registration Ready

As the August 26-28 Celebration takes shape, registration and a conference website are now available for District 5110's Celebration

As the August 26-28 Celebration takes shape, registration and a conference website are now available for District 5110’s Celebration — The Year that Changed Rotary! The event will be hosted at the Deschutes County Fairgrounds and Expo Center.  The speaker line-up is astonishing, according to PDG Cindi O’Neil.  For the full conference website, click here.

VICKI PULIZ will headline as the keynote speaker at the Paul Harris Dinner on the evening of August 26.  Vicki serves as Rotary International Director from the “Big West” Zones 26 & 27 from 2021 to 2023. Vicki is a proud member of the Rotary Club of Sparks, Nevada. She joined Sparks Rotary in 1992, served as club president in 2004-2005, and as Governor for District 5190 in 2013-2014. She is a classmate of Jim Lussier of District 5110.  Vicki’s “Why” in Rotary is to make a positive difference—whether in youth service, public image, polio eradication, leadership development, education, or growing Rotary through new clubs and supporting Rotarians and Rotaractors.  Vicki graduated from the University of Utah with a Marketing degree and Master of Business Administration and went on to own a commercial electrical contracting firm in northern Nevada.   Vicki and Pilot Tim are members of the International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians.

Registration on DACdb is now available for the Golf Tournament and Celebration Event

For Accommodations, Comfort Suites Redmond Airport, 2243 Southwest Yew Ave, Redmond, District 5110 Special Rate  $179.00/night.  Click HERE to reserve your room at the Comfort Suites. Deadline is July 27.

Deschutes County Fairgrounds RV Park and Tent Spaces:  Guests must call the Deschutes County Fairgrounds and Expo Center RV Park directly at 541-585-1569, ask for Debora Shuping and then request the Rotary District 5110 RV space rate ($38.00/per night).  There is a block of 30 spaces reserved.  They are released to the general public on July 15.  If you would like to reserve an electrified tenting space, please ask.

Additional Keynote speakers will address topics on Leadership, peace literacy, professional advancement and the environment.  Here’s a few in the line-up of presenters:

STEVE FARBER: is founder of EXTREME LEADERSHIP and has delivered hundreds of keynote presentations to audiences around the world and is an author of multiple books on successful leader ship including Love is just DAMN GOOD Business. Former Vice President of the Tom Peters Company, Steve is the President of Extreme Leadership, Inc, and founder of The Extreme Leadership Institute, organizations devoted to the cultivation and development of leaders around the world. His deeply inspirational, and eminently practical Radical LEAP framework is widely used across many organizations. Farber has been credited with redefining leadership in deeply personal yet practical terms and re-energizing thousands of people to make a significant difference in their businesses, lives, and the world around them.

PAUL CHAPPELL: West Point graduate, Iraq War veteran, and former army captain Paul K. Chappell shows why people need to be as well trained in waging peace as soldiers are in waging war. Chappell is the founder of Peace Literacy and the author of six books, most recently Soldiers of Peace. Lecturing across the country and internationally, he also teaches college courses and workshops on Peace Literacy and Peace Leadership and leads a Peace Literacy curricular development team for k-12 and higher education.  Paul has done many presentations in the Rotary International World.

Moe Carrick is a best sell author, consultant, relentless optimist, TEDx speaker and manager of TEDx Bend while also managing Moementum, Inc. Moe cut her teeth as an internal consultant in high tech and health care, rediscovering her roots in adventure for the leading integrators of adventure and business, Project Adventure, Inc.  Moe has published two non-fiction business books focused on helping everyone thrive at work and probably will write another one or two. She has spoken on stages at TEDx and SXSW. She even pioneered the first coverage with Fast Company magazine on extreme off-site team building.  Moe truly believes that it is the role of leaders of human organizations to develop a environment when everyone exceeds and reaches their full human potential.  When that is attained, the organization itself also reaches its optional performance.

  • Catherine A. Sanderson has a Ph. D. from Princeton and is a graduate of Stanford University, is the author of four books and is a psychological researcher in relationships and human behaviors. Her teach focuses on the specific area of psychology-health psychology, close relationships, sports psychology, and, most recently, the psychology of good & evil. As a presenter, she addresses the psychology of interaction and more specifically the Science of Happiness and has written a new book The Positive Shift.  She is practical, humorous and will suggest ways to pursue happiness in ways that make your life more energetic and full of meaningful relationships.  For free, She will treat you to more resiliency and a multitude of many smiles.

Plus Jim Porter,  John Bushnell, Rick Steves and Cindi O’Neil.