Springfield Club Promotes Exchange Student Recipes

Springfield Rotary Exchange Student Liïsa Sarkïo has prepared a booklet of recipes from her native Finland. In a normal year, these would have been shared with the club at a year-end fundraising dinner for her year-end trip. The trip was cancelled; the dinner was cancelled. But Liïsa followed through with the recipes. Here is her message and her request.

Springfield!! “Hi folks! Even though, unfortunately, a live Rotary meal is not an option during our time of social distancing and Covid-19, I still wanted you to be able to enjoy some Finnish flavors.

Here is a three-course-meal constructed of typical Finnish foods: a carrot puree soup, meatballs with mashed potatoes and a blueberry pie with a traditional ‘pulla’-dough. I wanted this dinner to somehow contribute to the COVID-19 crisis. This is why I ask all of you who receive this recipe book to donate a minimum of 5 dollars to World Central Kitchen. WCK is a global, non-profit organization that distributes food for those in need, working especially during crisis. During this pandemic, many safety nets, like school feeding programs and food banks, are struggling to meet the basic needs of the community, while people still need nutrition as much as ever. Check out the World Central Kitchen’s website https://wck.org/ for more information and donating. Thank you!”

The recipes may be requested from Rae LaMarche, Liïsa’s Rotary counselor, at [email protected].

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