Podcast: The Eugene Mission–Rotary Partners to Restore Lives

by DG Cindi O’Neil

The Eugene Mission is so much more that a homeless shelter.  It is a place where people can feel safe, regain their health and mental wellbeing, and perhaps begin a new life of self-sufficiency and independence from extreme poverty.

The Eugene Mission also is a distribution center for food for other community pantries and community food insecurity programs.  Thousands of pounds of food are saved from the dumpsters each day, providing great nutrition for those in need.  Even clothing and housewares are available for people to rebuild their lives.

Rotary partners with the Mission weekly to help redistribute food and provide meals for those that are housebound throughout Eugene.  Rotarians sort clothing and other tasks.  The list of other helpful volunteer work is endless.

Listen as our own Rotary Hero, Beth Sheehan, from the Rotary Club of Eugene Delta describes the good works of the Eugene Mission. Here is the link to the podcast episode: https://rotaryvolunteerconnect.org/podcasts/rotary-and-the-eugene-mission/