The Power of a Club Website

Invite people to get involved in your favorite causes or service projects.
Dan Smith

Dan Smith

A passion for podcasting to tell the world about the great things Rotary is doing.

By The Rotary Brand Center

A website is an effective way to share information about your club, district, or zone and the work you’re doing to improve lives in your community. Use your website to engage the public, keep visitors informed about your projects and events, and invite people to learn more about Rotary or get involved.

Elements of an engaging website

These tips can help you design a website that’s consistent with Rotary’s brand and showcases how you are taking action to improve communities around the world:

  • Show your work. Use images and videos that feature club members actively working together and having fun while making a positive change.
  • Keep it simple. People usually scan websites. Bullet points and clear, simple language will help them see the most important information.
  • Include calls to action. Make it easy for nonmembers to get involved, whether it’s by donating, volunteering, or joining. Buttons and other clear calls to action can help.
  • Use Rotary’s colors. Strengthen Rotary’s brand recognition by using our official colors. Find Rotary’s colors and color formulas.



Use your club, district, or zone logo in your website’s header and footer. Your logo is made up of Rotary’s Masterbrand Signature (the wheel with the word “Rotary” to the left) plus your club name, or your district or zone number. You can use either the Masterbrand Signature or its simplified version in your logo.

Create or update your club, district, or zone logo using our templates.


Photos should focus on relationships and community impact, and they should always tell a genuine story. Whenever possible, use images that show multiple Rotary members and reflect our diversity. Always get signed written permission from anyone pictured in photos or videos used for Rotary purposes. Learn more about creating inspiring images and videos.

Download ready-to-use photos and videos.

News and updates

Tell people what’s going on in your club, district, or zone. Provide the latest news and share photos and stories about the work your members are doing.

Showcase news about Rotary on your website by using Rotary’s RSS feed:

What is Rotary?

Talk about Rotary as a global organization. Topics can include an overview of Rotary, the causes we support, and The Rotary Foundation.

Find content on

Get involved

Invite people to get involved in your favorite causes or service projects.

About your club

List when and where your club meets, how to join, and who to contact for more information. Keep it up-to-date.


Tell people about upcoming events with an online calendar. Include details about speakers, activities, and Rotary events.

Responsive design

People will view your website on their desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Make sure it looks good and is easy to read on all devices by including responsive design in your layout.

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