Time is Precious… 

A message from Director Vicki Puliz

A message from Director Vicki Puliz

In the coming days, many of us will take time to pause and reflect; to visit with family and friends; to help those less fortunate; and to celebrate our culture, spirituality, connection, and blessings in many ways. At this time, I want to thank each of you for being part of our Rotary family.

Thank you for your friendship and for reaching out your hand to others.

Thank you for your commitment to serve and make the world better.

Thank you for seeing challenges differently, and creating unique solutions to complex issues.

Thank you for your optimism that together, we can make a difference.

Thank you for your leadership and being the example of living a life that matters.

Thank you for your investment in this incredible local and global movement we call Rotary.

Time is precious. Take the time you need to pause, reflect, celebrate and then, let’s make every moment count as together, we create lasting change.

Joy and peace to each of you and those you love.

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