UnMake Your Mark

You can lower your carbon footprint!
Pediatric speech-language therapist by day, “eco-warrior by night”, Texan Jenny Ling has attainable goals:

Reduce single-use plastic
Replace everyday items with more sustainable options
Recycle properly
Waste less
Educate myself about the products I consume

I want to share tips and tricks with you as I learn. I do not strive to live with “zero waste” or to be “plastic-free.” Like you, I am a regular consumer who is just trying my best to change my habits to become more eco-friendly. I love to research sustainability and am interested in learning about ways to reduce our carbon footprint to slow down climate change.”

Jenny started UnMake Your Mark with the goal of making sustainability easy and accessible for everyone. Rotary is proud to promote The Environment as one of our seven areas of focus and we’re eager to learn from young professionals sharing life-changing research and resources with us.
Join the Rotary Club of Eugene Metropolitan tomorrow night, Tuesday, May 30th at 6 pm Pacific to learn how one person really can make a difference. Really.
Comment below for Metro’s permanent Zoom link or have dinner with us, masked or vaxxed and boosted, at The Davis in Downtown Eugene.
Image description: Black and white photo of Jenny Ling smiling and leaning toward the camera. She has long blond hair, and dimples, and wears large black-framed glasses. She is wearing pearl earrings and a sleeveless white blouse.

2 Responses

  1. Please tell me she is not going to promote electric vehicles. We’re paying people thousands each to buy cars, adding 30% to electricity demand (per my local power utility) without spending anything to increase supply. Ignoring the impact of covering thousands of acres with solar farms, or constructing vast numbers of huge, bird-killing, oil-leaking windmills with a 20-year life, each using dozens of tons of non-reusable, non-recyclable carbon fiber. Reduce, reuse makes sense. Battery cars, not so much.

    1. She did such an amazing job taking the time to create a Eugene/Springfield-specific recycling guide, gave an excellent overview of the climate crisis, and even made us laugh a lot. We had a great time hosting her “in” Eugene 🙂 All of the presentations that we record are on our YouTube channel for anyone who isn’t able to attend live or online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jiy_FZqcVU&t=10s

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