Visoning Consensus for Club Success

Club Visioning: A Consensus-Driven Process.

On a recent bright, albeit cold, Saturday morning, Rotary Club of Greater Bend President Brian Stallcop convened a highly successful Visioning Session, which brought together nineteen dedicated club members.

The primary purpose of the session was to collectively envision a future that aligns with the club, district and Rotary Action Plan and the four strategic strategies:

Impact: Members envisioned projects that would make a substantial difference in their community.

Member Participation: A common thread throughout the session was the desire to engage every member actively. Discussions led to ideas for increased volunteer opportunities and member-led initiatives.

Club Reach: The club members explored strategies for expanding their reach within the community and beyond. Initiatives included creating an online presence to attract younger members and collaborating with other local organizations.

Adaptability: In recognizing the importance of staying relevant, the members brainstormed ways to make the club more adaptable to changing circumstances. This included considering different communication channels. 

Throughout the session, the group utilized consensus-building techniques to distill their ideas into actionable plans. Each member’s input was valued, and the group worked to find common ground on the most promising concepts. The consensus-driven approach ensured that everyone felt heard and that the vision was truly a collective endeavor.  The session not only fostered a sense of unity among the members but also ignited a collective passion to make a difference. 

Clubs interested in scheduling a Visioning session  – contact PDG Gerry Kosanovic:

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  1. Good work Brian, Greater Bend members, and Gerry! If you want to get your flock flying in formation and make an even greater impact, contact Gerry and start visioning!

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