Welcome Rotarians

Greetings Fellow Rotarians!

This year is about finding our heart in Rotary. If we can help make our passions in our hearts be the vision of our Rotary, we will help create a stronger tomorrow for Rotary and for our communities.

The Rotary International theme for 2019-20 is Connecting the World Through Rotary! Our District through our members are moving the needle of Rotary to help connect to our local communities through projects, services and commitment to the six areas of focus for Rotary. We are people of action and this year will help brand our story to the communities we serve and to each other. We will revisit the core values of Rotary that help define what a Rotarian is, and what a Rotarian is about. By learning to share our hearts and passions with Rotary and living the core values, we will make a stronger legacy for our future Rotarians.

Please take a moment to experience our new Rotary District Website. Our Public Image team has created a powerful resource and tool for our members and clubs to utilize in promoting, recruiting and growing Rotary to new levels of service, fellowship and fun.

In the words of our Founder, Paul Harris “Whatever Rotary may mean to us … to the world it will only be known by the results it achieves.”

Let’s move the needle of Rotary. We look forward to serving your needs in helping Rotary to evolve for the next generation.

We are Rotarians and we can make a difference.