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What is the impact on the environment of the District 5110 Newsletter?
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DG Aimee Walsh

Aimee Walsh, 5110 District Governor 2022-23

Darn good question, and we thank you for your patience as we transition to a new format along with our new District website. It is the responsibility of District leadership to keep Rotarian’s informed of the happenings and important information from Rotary International, our Zone, and our District. We also hope that it will help us connect with one another. We know change can be challenging and appreciate your support. In addition to fostering better connections, there are other good reasons to change the way our newsletter is distributed. Let me explain.

As you know, Rotary has a new Area of Focus, the Environment. It is not just something cool to talk about it’s something to inspire us to take a close look at how we can take action. Every little thing we do helps.

Well, believe it or not, sending out over three-thousand email newsletters every week, that not many people open, does have an impact on the environment.

Here are some interesting facts from an article from the BBC

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the footprint of an email varies dramatically, from 0.3g CO2e for a spam email to 4g (0.14oz) CO2e for a regular email and 50g (1.7oz) CO2e for one with a photo or hefty attachment [like a newsletter], according to Mike Berners-Lee, a fellow at Lancaster University who researches carbon footprints.

According to estimates by antispam service Cleanfox, the average user receives 2,850 unwanted emails every year from subscriptions, which are responsible for 28.5kg (63lbs) CO2e.

If every adult in the UK sent one less “thank you” email, it could save 16,433 tons of carbon a year – the equivalent to taking 3,334 diesel cars off the road.

Choosing to send an SMS text message is perhaps the most environmentally-friendly alternative as a way of staying in touch, because each text generates just 0.014g of CO2e.

Little things do add up.

The District Newsletter

So what is the impact of the District 5110 Newsletter?

This is just a quick estimate but sending 3,000 email newsletters with images every week for a year generates about 17,196 lb CO2e. That’s enough to drive the family car 11,400 miles (that’s two trips to New York and back).

So, instead of just bugging everyone with an email that gets deleted, we thought it was better to offer our members a bit more control over how they receive District news. If you open and read the newsletter, that’s great. Sign-up here and it will get delivered every week. You must opt-in to receive the newsletter.

If you prefer, we have an alternative News Feed we think you’ll really like. It’s much more environmentally friendly and you have the news right there on your phone or computer. Your news on your time. Check it out.


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  1. Very cool, District Leadership! I had NO idea that email generated any carbon output. I’ll just be checking the website for updates from here on out 🙂

    Way to be ahead of the curve and way to make a simple change with big impact – you are People of Action!

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