Which Rotary Club are you a member of?

How would you describe you Rotary club?
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Bruce Allen

District 5110 Membership Chair, District Governor Designate and Past President of the Greater Albany Club

Which Rotary Club do you belong to? Join us at the District 5110 Membership forum this Tuesday Sept 19th at 10:00am for a discussion on onboarding new members and how your club is viewed by new members and how they can join the club that fits their goals and passion! Find us on the District 5110 calendar for the Zoom link and join us for a lively discussion on how to engage new members!

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    1. Hello Vinnie
      I will contact you directly and see if we can come up with a plan to help!
      Is there a good time to contact you?

      Bruce Allen
      District 5110 Membership Chair

    1. Hello Rachel
      It is heart warming to hear about Rotary Clubs growing and being active! Thank you and your Rotary club members for being part of something bigger than themselves!
      Thank you for your comments.

      Bruce Allen
      District 5110 Membership Chair

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