With Gratitude… 

A message from Director Vicki Puliz

A message from Director Vicki Puliz
Rotary members take on tough issues. Top of the list is the effort to eradicate polio from the face of the earth. Another tough issue is world peace. You could make a list of tough issues that you, your club, or your district are addressing to create positive lasting change–across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves. Mental health, supporting our environment, clean water, and empowering girls would be just a few.

Thank you for being part of Rotary, and for your willingness to look beyond your own comfort to help others, and to make our world better. Thankfully, Rotary members have the energy, the capacity, and the drive to not accept the way things are. Thankfully, we can leverage our efforts with personal connections throughout our Rotary network, and with support of Our Rotary Foundation, which we highlight during this month of November.

You imagine a better world. You imagine Rotary.  And then, you take action.

Thank you.

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