World Polio Day at Rotary Club of Eugene

ADG Jane Falls Inspires and Educates Our Club about Polio and Rotary's Polio Plus Program.

By Jerry Whitman Harris

The Rotary Club of Eugene welcomed ADG and District Polio Plus Chair Jane Falls to our Club meeting on World Polio Day.  Jane did an outstanding job of humanizing Rotary’s Polio Eradication effort by telling us about how polio affected her family.

Jane’s story really drove home the devastating effects of this disease to those who have contracted polio and their families and loved ones.  These points were important to know, especially for the majority of us who have no personal experience with polio (thanks to vaccination efforts in the USA).  She also explained the Polio Plus program to our members. One member donated $1,000 on the spot to the The Rotary Foundation’s Polio Fund because he was inspired by Jane and her story and remembered RI President McInally’s call to action;

We are so close to the eradication of polio but we’re not quite there yet.  Rotary still needs to contribute $10,000,000 each year to the effort.  But when we do succeed, Rotary will hold a grand celebration.  If you want to attend that celebration, you have to pay for your ticket!  Please do so by contributing to the Polio Fund.”

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  1. Jane really gives a heart-felt program on Rotary’s polio eradication efforts and progress. I highly recommend her for a club program!

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