3-Year Rolling Goals & Action Plan

a true “bottom-up effort,” supported from the “top-down."

A Message from Director Dan Himelspach

Rotary is making a major change in how Club goals are set and how Club Action Plans (strategic plans) are developed. A shift from planning for one year to planning for continuity over three years is envisioned. The change is designed to encourage the pursuit of high value long-term goals that are best served by a sustained and collaborative effort over time. It should increase the number of significant projects and initiatives which will be easier to organize and complete.

Starting July 2024, Clubs will be asked to set goals and establish plans for a three-year period. The goals and plans will be revisited every year to always plan three years forward. The Club Action Plans are to be developed with a focus on the pillars of The Action Plan.

Imagine how much easier it would be and how much more successful we would be if our Club Presidents, Club Presidents Elect, and Club Presidents Nominee planned collaboratively to develop well considered goals that lived longer than a one-year term. Goals will be set by answering six priority questions. A true team effort will create a sense of ownership in successive Club leaders, thereby creating a stronger commitment and increasing the chance of successful completion. The same is true when our DG Lines consistently work and plan as a team.

This effort also affords Rotary the opportunity to align goals from Clubs to the General Secretary. The goals set by each Club will be aggregated to establish the goals for the entire organization. The District, Regional Coordinators, Zone, Board of Directors and the General Secretary and staff will focus their Action Plans on supporting and helping the Clubs accomplish the Club goals – a true “bottom-up effort,” supported from the “top-down.”

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